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With the ever increasing customer demand for innovation at a rapid pace and low cost, today’s freight forwarding companies need efficient , easy to use freight management software to manage their day to day operations. Our freight forwarding software include CRM, quotes, documents, shipments, accounting and managements view and control.

Courier management system

CTrack CMS
Courier Management Systems

CTrack CMS ERP system is fabricated by RAG Technologies , an integrated ERP solution for Courier Management. The CTrack Courier Management ERP Systems have the modules such as Operations, Accounts & Billing, Fleet, HR, Inventory, CRM and integrated with APIs and Mobile Apps...

CTrack Cargo management system

CTrack CMS
Cargo Management Systems

CTrack Cargo Management ERP Systems, is an innovative Cargo Management solution that simplifies bookings, forwarding, delivering and tracking of Shipments that are to be delivered in real time.CTrack Cargo Management ERP system having different modules for shipment management...

CTrack Logistics management system

CTrack CMS
Logistics Management Systems

CTrack Logistics Management ERP System provides extensive modules for handling the Logistics Management. CTrack LMS having the modules for 3PL/Express logistics operations including the Land ,Sea and the Air Transportations.The services like FTL,LTL, FCL...

Courier management system ReadyShip

Pickup & Delivery Mobile App.

ReadyShip is a Mobile Application to Support the pickup and Delivery of the Shipments and connecting to Domestic and International Deliveries . We offer smart, efficient and advanced technologies used to collect and forward shipments to the services in the local and international connectivity...

Courier management system WMS

CTrack WMS
Warehouse Management Systems

CTrack Warehouse Management Systems is a part of CTrack ERP Systems, an integrated Warehouse Management System software for transportation and logistics Service companies. We are the leading solution providers for inventory and Warehouse management systems in India..

Ctrack Courier management systems Clearance

Clearance Management Systems

Customs Clearance Management Systems helps you to create XML files from the Customs declaration schema provided by the Customs department. The Clearance Management module generates the XML files for Cargo Manifest, BAYAN,ECM Non-Dox, CBE XIII, Form IV etc...

CTrack Courier management system

CTrack CMS
Customer Management Systems

CTrack CRM is one of the best Customer Relationship Management software for various companies, especially tailored for sales and marketing automation features with maximum productivity for Transportation management companies. It helps improve customer experience..

API Integration

API Integration
Tracking Data Integration

CTrack ERP Systems have the feature to integrate the track data with the Global transporters like FedEx, DHL, TNT , UPS and Aramex etc. We are doing third party APIs to integrate with our systems for other companies. We are using the latest technology to the development of the APIs..

Marine management system

CTrack MMS
Marine Management Systems

We are a leading Marine ERP software provider in India , for the companies to manage the Enquiries, Service Jobs, Inventory control or Stores Management , Compliance Verifications, Vessel Maintenance and the Calibration process...

Our ERP System Features

CTrack System is an integrated ERP solution for Courier, Cargo , Parcel and Logistic industries.

We have fabricated CTrack ERP Systems in such a way that many modules are incorporated provides complete shipment management solution that includes Pickup, Manifest, In and Out Scans, Job, Delivery as well Tracking connected with many other modules like Accounts, Fleet, HR, CRM , APIs, Mobile Apps, Inventory etc.

  • Tailored with Many Modules
  • Customizable Solution
  • Unlimited Users
  • Cost Effective and Economical
  • Cloud Database
  • Can use from anywhere
  • Mobile Application support
  • Latest Technology implementation
  • On-Site implementation
  • Good Technical Support
Cargo Management ERP System