About Us

We are a leading software and web development company located in Infopark TBC, Cochin. Our main focus is on software development related to Courier, Cargo, Logistic industries and Marine services.

RAG Technologies is a Software Development company for the end to end software products for the Transportation companies. Our Software product name is CTrack ERP Systems for Courier, Cargo, Parcel and Logistics Management.

CTrack ERP Systems consists of Operations (OPS), Accounts, HR Management, Fleet ( Vehicle ) Management, Customer Relations Management (CRM), APIs for exchanging track data with Global Transporters, Mobile and PDA Device modules ,Inventory, Warehouse Management (WMS) and Clearance Modules.

The CTrack ERP Systems automates and integrates various functions of Courier , Cargo and Logistics business such as sales, customer support, inland logistics management, billing & accounting. We assure that this system can drive huge improvements in the effectiveness of any freight company.

RAG Technologies offer software that is an all in one on cloud platform. Most importantly, leverage IT to integrate entire air, sea and land transportation into seamless offering.