About Us

We are a leading software and web development company located in Infopark TBC, Cochin. Our main focus is on software development related to Courier, Cargo, Logistic industries and Marine services. But that's not all we do, we also develop solutions for Windows mobile applications, Android applications, and websites. We try our best to provide quality and leading software solutions for business planning to empower your business and assist you in achieving your goals. We have always strived to deliver the best quality solutions and we continue to do so by using our expertise and vast knowledge in the field plus advanced technology.

Wondering what our services are? Well, our services include- Software development, Web developing, Pocket PC/ windows mobile applications, Android apps, and technical infrastructure. Now, the next question that pops into your mind is how do we carry out these services exactly? The first and the foremost step that we take is that we try to understand every little challenge that business might face and the business that we are working with. We believe that to provide quality results the key is to thoroughly understand the business and then go ahead and try for solutions. We provide multiple options for our customers just so that they can also decide and select the right solution for their business. When we work with you, we take your work as our own and we make sure that we are on the same page.

We are committed to helping you with all possible IT solutions that can accentuate your business in any possible way. We have always been successful in providing the right solution and guess what? We do have a stable client base that we have achieved only because of our world class services. What is our goal? Our goal is to assist you with your business and emerge as a global IT service solution with the highest customer satisfaction rate. Efficient support, trust, punctuality are all that we prioritize and you can expect from us.

How are we going to help you? Our primary work is to provide you with ideas that perfect and molds your business in the right way. We help you foresee the destiny of your business and forestall your competitors and win by leveraging the composite advantage of deploying smart technologies. We deliver creative, smart, practical and economical solutions and our client base will definitely vouch for it. We entered the market space some time back and we have already built up a reputation in the marketplace for consistently providing with high standards of reliability, quality, and after-sales services.

How will working with us help you grow your business? The ERP solutions provided by us can help you in reducing the operating cost and uplift your company and business in the competitive marketplace. We assist you with IT infrastructure to grow your business. We hold a strong track record of implanting impressive technical solutions and ERP systems. CTrack a courier ERP system software product developed by adopting the latest technologies is up and running quite smoothly and has been helping our clients really well.