iShip - Customer End Tool (An Attached Module on CTrack CMS ERP)

What is iShip? iShip is a customer end tool which is also a part of our CTrack CMS ERP System and we think that it is perfect for those who sends larger volumes of shipments or shipments on daily basis. It is an integrated shipping management solution and an absolutely powerful tool that streamlines your shipping processes plus ensures that it increases the speed and productivity.

We all know that a business consists of various processes such as booking or pickup requests, airway bill generation, customs documentation, manifesting, update entry handling and track and trace for shipments by customer agent which is connected to the main application for courier companies. Now, the iShip customer end tool makes sure that the entire control is from the control panel of the system, so you will not have to go through various other portals to take care of various tasks but just one tool.

iShip is available in two platforms and they are- desktop edition and web edition (cloud edition). There isn’t much difference between the two platforms in fact both come with the support of same features and modules. When you deal with large volumes on a daily basis and you want to seamlessly connect it with your own business process then tell you what this is the best solution for you. iShip is one such customer end tool that is highly flexible and allows you to prepare hundreds of shipments in a snap and it absolutely helps you to streamline and optimize your shipping process.

Wondering what it requires for sending the shipment? Well, it requires an Account number, PC with a Pentium IV and an internet connection (of course), laser printer or thermal label printer and that’s all. Now the question that pops in your mind is what are the advantages of using this customer end tool? There are several advantages such as

  • Can prepare the Airway bills, labels and the customs documentation easily
  • Can set the airway bill series periodically from the control panel
  • When the airway bill series reaches the reserved number, the relevant authorities will get emails
  • The booking prefix series can set as desirable to the courier companies
  • The created booking will be available to your master application
  • You can track the airway bill status or transaction logs to customer end without involving any calls
  • It is easy to integrate with your existing application and connect to the master server
  • Easy to install and you can use the iShip on customer PCs or laptops
  • Customer can login with their own user IDs
  • Admin user ID is available plus it also incorporates restricted IT person and permitted persons only
  • WCF- web service technology is used for data communication
  • All the settings can be controlled from the control panel of CTrack systems
  • Import/ export facilities to upload large data files for mass shipping distributions are available
  • API integrated data transfer
  • Added technology is incorporated for the data security
  • Technical support including the training, maintenance and the documentation is provided
  • Maintains shipment process history and customer address book
  • Provides real time tracking