PSocket - Pocket PC/ PDA/ Windows Mobile Application

The name of this application sounds like different software altogether, doesn’t it? But guess what it is not; it is an android mobile app, which is a part of CTrack courier management ERP system iSocket is used for scanning the shipment pickup and delivery processes. You must be asking yourself for what purpose is this application is suitable. This application is completely suited for the courier guys in the field that needs to be updated in real time. The track updates are available to the customers at that exact same time. There are various advantages of using iSocket and one of them being- the data gets updated in real time so there is no time that you have to waste on data entry for the track updates of the shipments by the courier guys. Now, you might be thinking that this probably isn’t such a big deal but guess what? It actually is, it saves you a lot of time. Normally these data entry tasks are taken care of after returning to office but if you start using iSocket you don’t have to do it at all. It reduces the delay as well as manpower.

iSocket is such an efficient app that it can be used as stand-alone application and can be synced to the main software as well. The data can be shared between the device and the main server. There are numerous modules present in the iSocket and they are- Barcode scanning, RFID scanning, booking notification and alerts, pickup scan/update, delivery out-scan, delivery sheet printing, delivery update, tracking, QR code scanning, GPS location, ID card/ photo scan and various reports. Are you still in a dilemma if you need this application or not? An android mobile app that can take care of your business so well should be incorporated in your business, to make your life easier.

iSocket is not just an ordinary android mobile app but an application that truly assists and supports your business. This android mobile application makes sure that you have more time left in your hand to enjoy it however you like plus uses a lot less manpower so people working with you will not be spent by the end of the day. Once you start using it you will know that it can accommodate more customers and more support for your clients. It secures and cost-effectively distributes plus automates a lot of business processes.

It is pretty much a guarantee that customers can enjoy fast return on investment and can take care of transactions right at the moment. The tools included in the application enables companies to easily manage and locate mobile devices and services. This android mobile application empowers your business and adds on to the infrastructure of business. Honestly, there is hardly any reason or drawbacks that you will find with this application. It truly can sustain business growth and speed up your sales, without tiring you up. It also holds the potential to integrate the supply chain and increase the value of relationships with your clients and customers.