PSocket - Pocket PC/ PDA/ Windows Mobile Application

PSocket is a Pocket Digital Assistant or PDA Application runs on Android and Windows Compact Editions. PSocket is used for Pick Up and Delivery Scans including Pickup Updates, Arrivals , Out Scans and Delivery Updates. PSocket is a pocket PC or personal digital assistant application (PDA) and it is a part of the CTrack ERP Systems for Courier, Cargo and Logistics domains . It is used for scanning the shipments for Pickup and Delivery processes. This application is absolutely suited for the people dealing with Courier, Cargo , Parcel and Logistics industries and allows them to update the data real time. Isn’t that great now? Your clients will be able to know the status of consignments in real time as well. Now are you wondering how that helps you? This will make your clients trust you with their consignments even more than before.

There are several advantages of using the PSocket and another advantage of using this PSocket application is that the data that you update in real time. This way you can save time and you will not have to worry about the data entry task that is normally done after office hours. This makes the whole process faster and also reduces man power. You can use this application in different ways for an instance you can either use the application as Stand-alone application or you can sync it to the main software as well.

PSocket has various modules such as Barcode Scanning, RFID Scanning, Booking Notification and Alerts, Pickup Scan/ Update, Delivery Out-Scan, Delivery sheet printing, Delivery update, tracking, QR Code scanning, GPS location, ID card or Photo scan and various reports. Yes, you read it right there are these many modules in the PSocket.

The PSocket standard is particularly designed for general purpose delivery tool for sales or delivery of products stationary items such as food, bakery, stationary items or supply on delivery points and taking orders from customers. You will find the stock details available in PSocket Standard, which is connected to the main inventory system. So when the items get delivered the stock gets updated in real time as well. The billing is connected to the Accounts module. The accountant and the stock management authorities or those who are dealing with it can monitor exactly what is happening with the billing. Also, believe it or not the system is connected with GPS therefore the location of the delivery can be identified at that point of time.

Now, if the question that pops in your head is what are the features of PSocket and would you really need it? The latter question will be decided by the features trust us. PSocket is one such application that runs on all windows CE, Android and iOS operating systems. The PSocket application also has relatively higher reading capability of barcodes. Anyone who is in the business should definitely use PSocket to cut down their workload.