CTrack - Courier Management ERP System

CTrack an ERP system fabricated by RAG Technologies , an integrated ERP solution for Courier, Cargo , Parcel and Logistic industries. In the CTrack ERP systems we have got three kinds of products- CTrack Courier management ERP System, CTrack Cargo Management ERP system, CTrack Logistic management ERP system. Our product CTrack , provides complete shipment management solution that includes Pickup, Manifest, In and Out Scans, Delivery as well Tracking. We have fabricated CTrack in such a way that many modules such as Operations, Accounts, Fleet, HR, WMS, Inventory, Mobile Apps and APIs are incorporated with CTrack ERP Systems.

You might still be wondering what benefits you get if you use our product CTrack. So let us tell you that the use of CTrack ERP system greatly reduces the constraints of any Courier Companies Customer Service department, Operations Department, Accounts department, Human resource department, Fleet/ Vehicle management department, Dispatch department, Sorting and delivery department, IT department and all other related departments that come together to handle large amount of Shipments. Now, what is the advantage here? Well, you get more time to keep your customers happy and concentrate on your business properly. Will that not be nice.

With the help of our product, our customers can generate single or multiple Airway bills at a time with CTrack Agent tool. This helps the data entry team’s work load and it assists them to reduce the number of entries plus increases the quality of data and ensures that your operations team delivers the shipment on time. There are several different modules incorporated with CTrack ERP system and it goes in the following manner.

We developing API Integration modules for integrating the data or sharing the Order details and tracking data between servers with the Global transportation companies. For the API development we use the latest development technologies for the API to share the data.

We giving Mobile Applications for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Editions for Scanning and delivering of the shipments. The Ready Ship is the mobile app, which can use for the Pickup and Delivery process . Ready Ship has different versions for Android, iOS and Windows editions.

Are you still asking yourself what CTrack actually is or what does it do? Well, CTrack is one such ERP system that specializes in the research, design, development, manufacturing, sales and support of technologically advanced solutions. It is tailor made for the customer and also for the industry sector required. If you work with us and use our CTrack you can pretty much sit back and relax, while trusting our CTrack to carry out the task well. The technology that CTrack ERP Systems deals with designs as well as develops a strong range of asset management monitoring systems using GPS satellite positioning, GSM cellular communication and several other advanced and modern technologies. However, the best part about the CTrack Courier , Cargo and Logistics management ERP system is just not about the advanced sensory technologies used but also the fact that we haven’t stopped developing it. We continue to research and develop and work on our next-generation products just so that your experience of working with us remains even smoother and your work gets done with minimal physical force.

We are constantly trying and we are always on our toes to make ends meet and meet market demands. We have added many features that make it easier for you to deal with your courier management. Our prime motive lies in making your courier management and operations hassle free for you.